Saturday, January 28, 2006

No tricks or treats...

Helloween Jack is not here for your treats, he is here for your soul.
I sculpted this creepy pumpkin headed figure based on the character created by my bud Roger. When I saw the concept my bud did it for this character I just thought with myself "Man I gotta sculpt him, he is so cool looking, and would make an awesome statue!" so I did, and only after I have finished Jack, I showed to Roger and I have to say that oh boy I was afraid he wouldn´t like it, but he not only did it, but he also gave his thumbs up (pheww). Jack stands 8" tall, sculpted in hard Castilene (as always). I will post full body pictures of him as soon as I finish retooling the base, as me and Roger thought it could have a few more details on it for coolness. This dude will be cast and painted later.
Hope you like it. ^_^

Winged girl

Hello friends, Just wanted to show you this scultpture based on the Justice League animated show. It´s the character Hawkgirl, based on the episode "A Better World" where the Justice League fight against the "Justice Lords" an alternate version of themselves from another dimension. Here Hawkgirl is the first female I ever sculpted, and although she looks finished, I still need to clean her up, polish, sculpt a better base and add some details to her mace. She was sculpted in hard Castilene, and sculpted in 1/6 scale. I can tell yeah, while I loved sculpting this figure, her wings were such a pain in the neck to do, but still fun. lol I plan to mold, cast and paint her up later.

The Green Loontern

"In blackest day or brightest night...
Watermelon, cantaloupe, yadda-e-yadda
Erm...superstitious and cowardly lot
With liberty and justice for all!"

Who dont remember the infamous yet funny Duck Dodgers Oath to the Green Lantern Corps, huh?
Yeah, that was with no doubt the coolest Episode of the show back in 2003, and as a big ass fan of the Green Lanterns, I couldnt help but make my own 'Green Loontern' figure. I sculpted this heroic-black-duck-wearing-tights back in 2004. When I showed this sculpt to my friends, they got so excited that they asked to have one on their shelves, and said "WOW", so I couldnt say no to my friends, because I got as much excited as themselves. So this was basically the first sculpt I ever sold in my life. I am very proud of this little piece.

This figure was sculpted in hard grade Chavant Clay (Plasteline) , molded in silicone rubber, cast in resin and hand painted with hobby paints (umbrol). Dodgers stands around 6" tall.


Hiya folks,

Welcome to the Green Zombie Studios blog, my name´s Andre Kevermann, and I´m 28 years old, brazilian, living in the city of Sao Paulo. Here I will be showing to you some of my sculpts and WIPS (Work In Progress) throughout my learning process at the sculpting area, I do this for fun, but I put all my effort into this, as I really wish I can make this for living someday, but I´ve been told that I should never forget about having fun with any sculpt, before thinking about making any money of it, so this is what I am doing, I am learning on my own, but with the help of some of the best guys out there in the market throughout many sculptors forums, websites and stuff.

Here I will not only post images of my own work as well images of others sculptors´ work which I find sometimes out there over the internet and they always work for me as inspiration, so we can all enjoy this great form of art which is basically come up with an idea, get a chunk of clay and molding into an amazing 3D piece.

Your comments and critics will be most welcome, because I believe every artist should take critics good or bad in a constructive way to improve himself.


P.S. Just remember, I am not a sculptor yet, I am just a little grasshopper, so dont expect to see great and perfect pieces such as Michelangelo´s David or Moses statues. So be nice. ^_^
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